Friday, October 16, 2009


.Everyone is getting over the sickness that has been lurking in our house.Dylan is starting to learn the concept of the potty!!!He usally runs to it after he has done his buisness but,atleast he is trying.Dylan's 2nd B~day is coming up Mon.the 19th.Taylor has  a lil'boy at school that likes her and apparently she likes him to.The extra time fixing her hair in the morning kind of gave her away.Brandon is growing into a teenager,his voice is changing,he actually has a mustache growing.It's little but,it's there.He's been working on the weekend cutting grass.Time flies by to quick.Last but not least my baby girl Brittany will be driving in less than a year.She doing well in school this year.She still wants to be home~schooled next year.I'm hoping that phase will past.It's hard at times seeing your kids grow up knowing in a few short years they are going to be on their own starting their lifes.You hope you've prepared them for ever possible event that could happen but,you can't.You can only hope that the one thing you've taught them .to always rely and trust in God..& that they never stray from that.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mama needs her time

        Dear kids,
  • Twice a week ther are 2 shows that I watch,Desperate Housewives&Greys Anatomy, have been since they first came on.Somewhere down the line you have forgotten this.During this 1 hr.time period twice a week  you will not starve,so please don't ask for something to eat for supper was cooked not long before.I love to hear about your day just not during this time.Although I do get a very detailed report.Imagine that!I will not quit loving you or forget that I am your mama.So, you don't have to say "mama" every 5 mins.I will not enjoy the moment to much of sitting alone or being able to drink my Dr.Pepper w/out having to share it w/someone just wantting a sip then it's gone.We mama's need something sometimes for ourselves.You 4 are my everything the shows are only my something..So as nice as I can say it PLEASE leave me alone.                                                                                                          Love,                                                                                                                                                     mama

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Eczema promblems??

My 14 yr. old Brittany has excema and we have been dealing with it since she was a toddler.We have tried every home remedy,she has been put on steroids.Every year they prescribe her with a different cream that is better than all the others.(so,they say)Nothing seems to ever work.Two yrs. ago she had a really bad outbreak.Her face got so swollen she didn't look human.The other day her face and neck started getting that dry,red,scaley feeling so,we went ahead and took her to the doctor.She is terrified that her whole body is going to break out and being a teenager apperance matters alot.FINALLY something actually does work it's called Derma-Smoothe/FS.It is an oil instead of cream and I don't know if that makes a difference or not but,I know it works.The only reason I am posting this is if your child,yourself or someone you know suffers from excema you know the frustration I am talking about.Britt put it on when we got home and by that night there was a huge difference.


My 10 yr.old Taylor actually took these for me.I have an eye infection and can't put my contacts in so,she helped me out this time.