Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mama needs her time

        Dear kids,
  • Twice a week ther are 2 shows that I watch,Desperate Housewives&Greys Anatomy, have been since they first came on.Somewhere down the line you have forgotten this.During this 1 hr.time period twice a week  you will not starve,so please don't ask for something to eat for supper was cooked not long before.I love to hear about your day just not during this time.Although I do get a very detailed report.Imagine that!I will not quit loving you or forget that I am your mama.So, you don't have to say "mama" every 5 mins.I will not enjoy the moment to much of sitting alone or being able to drink my Dr.Pepper w/out having to share it w/someone just wantting a sip then it's gone.We mama's need something sometimes for ourselves.You 4 are my everything the shows are only my something..So as nice as I can say it PLEASE leave me alone.                                                                                                          Love,                                                                                                                                                     mama


  1. That's funny! True but funny :)

  2. Those are 2 of my favorite shows. I also love The Amazing Race. Those few hours when I want to be alone remind me of when they were little and you couldn't go to the bathroom without someone yelling through the door. All too soon though, the house will be way too quiet.