Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I was lying in bed monday night thinking "wow,so many people hate mondays and this has been a great day"I got the house completly clean,even the clothes got put up in the right place.Taylor got selected to be in the writing club and jr.beta club at school.Brandon didn't aggrevate the girls so, I didn't have to hear the loud screeches of "MAMA".Britt actually decided we were human and not some disgusting plague and had a conversation with us.I only had to get Dylan down off the kitchen counters 5o times instead of a 100.Mark didn't complain about his back but a couple of times. I got to take a hot shower before everybody else and the water never turned cold .So I remembered a saying...The past is history....The future is a mystery......This moment is a gift...It may not sound like alot but,this day of peace was a wonderful gift.


  1. Yay for Taylor! Way to go girl!!
    We finally got moved. Phone & internet should be on by next Tuesday. I'll call you once we are all situated...

  2. Just curious if you are gonna start the 365 Project with us? I added you to the roster, but can take you off if you changed your mind!

  3. I'm glad you had a good day! and great job Taylor:)!