Thursday, September 24, 2009

Inspired by the news

  • I wrote a poem b/c there is so many things going on in the world and it makes me sad..I realized there is alot of stuff & people I haven't being praying for ...           "Little babies go hungry everyday,Some newborns their mothers just throw away.Once respected men now live on the street,Begging for a dollar at every passing feet.Our children,our future,now carry guns,Somebody made a joke and ther lies your son.another child is being abused,so some freak can be amused.Another porno is being taped,some innocent person is being raped.One more drink at the bar,diseases are spreading right in the backseat of our car.Another drug for your promblems is being made for you to consume,but,what will you do when your body becomes immune?Another lost soul is searching for someone to hear their cries.But,we walk on by pretending we didn't see them out the corner of their eyes.Another suicide is being attempted,Their hearts were played by someone deranged and demented.Evil lurks us all around,b/c truth was never found.